CEO Carl Hunter OBE given Dunelmsis Award by Durham University Senate

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The Dunelmensis Award is given by the University’s Senate to a Durham alumnus or alumna for meritorious and exceptional service in support of the University, particularly for our institutional advancement and for enhancing the University’s reputation, nationally and internationally.

This year’s winners are: Dr Carl Hunter OBE, Richard Roberts, 
Smiti Kumar,
Charles Wilson

Extract taken from Durham University website.

Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter has given enormous support to our Physics Department and was confirmed as Professor-in-Practice at Durham Business School lecturing from January 2019 on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supporting the Business School in building capability with respect to data and decision sciences.

Over a sustained period, Carl’s efforts have underpinned and supported Durham University’s strategic aims in terms of research excellence, education and enhancing the University’s reputation nationally and internationally. Carl has given time and support over many years to create the his company’s unique Undergraduate Internship Programme, which he attributes to the extraordinary Professor’s and Academic Staff in Durham Physics. Giving students, across all academic disciplines, opportunities in R&D and employment, in term-time, holiday and summer project environments. This gives undergraduate Physics, Engineering, Science, Law, Arts, Social Sciences and Business students an opportunity to tackle scientific problems, learn about industrial research, project planning and integrate their presentation, project and team-working skills in a high-exporting advanced manufacturing environment, overseen by Carl himself.

He is a member of the SCR of Hatfield and a great supporter of the Hatfield Association and the Leadership, Strategic & Development teams at the University.

Congratulations to the worthy winners of the Dunelmsis Award with whome Carl shares this year’s honour. It is incredible to see the voluntary work around the globe which supports the development of Durham University.

On behalf of Coltraco Ultrasonics we would like to thank Durham University. For the experiences of all the Alumni who cherished their time studying, to the the current collaboration with the Physics Department, notably Professor Chadwick and Dr Halliday who enabled and encouraged our initial efforts. We not only engage with Physics, but also the Business School, and welcome students from diverse disciplines including Computer Science, Theology, Archaeology, Geology, Mathematics etc.

It is an absolute privilege to work in this mutually beneficial way, to offer professional development opportunities to the students and to engage in truly innovative, first-in-the-world type technological innovations for our ultrasonics.

We would like to thank the Vice Chancellor, Mr Harston, Ms Bradshaw and all the special people we have the pleasure of engaging with throughout the last few years which has led us to this point today.

Thank you for recognising the work of our CEO Carl Hunter OBE with this unique honour.

We will continue to serve Durham University’s commitment to intellectual excellence through our Student Engagement Programme for many years to come.

Our commitment to the Northern Powerhouse was stimulated by our connection to Durham which we will strengthen in 2021 with a particularly exciting new venture – to be released in Spring 21!

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