Coltraco Ultrasonics’ CEO Carl Hunter was honoured to be invited to speak at the Confined Spaces Forum by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, HSE and Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator.  Keynote speech: “The vivid relationship between CO2, confined space entry and crewing practice”, Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, CEO & Managing Director, Coltraco Ultrasonics Limited.

With thanks to IMarEST CEO, David Loosley for making the introduction, thanks to Aisling Salter for liaising about the content of Carl’s Keynote speech and Capt Panagiotis Stavrakakis for his engagement in our mission.

To read Carl Hunter’s full speech please click here.

To see Carl Hunter’s powerpoint please click here..


Official Extract about the Event from Lloyd’s Register:
Hosted by the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator, Lloyd’s Register Foundation and HSE, join us for an industry discussion around the dangers of confined spaces and an exploration of mitigating the risks, using digital technology solutions.

At the Forum, the Foundation will explore and present findings from their recently commissioned report around confined spaces, seeking to understand and uncover possible recurring trends in confined spaces and container safety incidences globally. Extract and details about the conference click here. Official press release coming soon.

Learn more about Lloyd’s Register Foundation here.