Chairman speaks at the ‘Fires on Container Ships’ Conference

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The Chairman of Coltraco Ultrasonics, Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter OBE spoke at the Honourable Company of Master Mariner’s ‘Fires on Container Ships’ Conference on 4th November, 2021 at HSQ Wellington, London .

This conference aimed at analysing the problems from the mariner’s point of view and benefited those involved in the container shipping industry, including; mariners, owners, charterers, insurers (H&M, cargo and P&I) underwriters, surveyors, claims handlers, maritime lawyers and consultants.Our Chairman’s speech was about the Eradication of Modern Slavery at Sea aboard the HQS Wellington, home of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners in London.

For several years container ships have been experiencing fires in containers loaded on board. This has resulted in major damage to ships, cargo, containers and unacceptable fatalities amongst mariners. Mis-declaration remains a major challenge, but even cargoes stowed in accordance with the IMDG Code start fires, while others have the potential to enhance the speed at which the fire spreads. Container ships have significantly increased in size but SOLAS firefighting and protection regulations have not evolved at the same pace, leaving crews facing major challenges in deploying the resources currently available on board. The conference explored some of the reasons for those fires and what needs to be done to reduce the risks and avoid loss of life.Coltraco Ultrasonics along with our Chairman Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter OBE give special thanks to Mr Steve Cameron, Mr Andrew Bell, captain Lloyd and Commander Les, Master HCMM for this prestigious opportunity.

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