Coltraco at SMM in Hamburg & IMPA Conference in London, September 2014

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This month has been a busy one in our shipping markets for the company meeting clients and distributors from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our equipment is now aboard 17% of the world’s Fleet of commercial ships and specified in most new-buildings. Shipping is a core market for 2 of our product lines : Portalevel™ monitoring of marine CO2 fire suppression systems and Poratscanner™ watertight integrity testing of ships hatch-covers, watertight compartment doors and cable transit areas. Whilst Karen and George headed our delegation to SMM in Hamburg, Clare led our team to the IMPA Conference & Exhibition in London.

Clare, Manager Business Development comments, “Shipping is our foundation. We are delighted to meet so many of our customers and partners, and to explore business with candidate partners. As a leading marine instrumentation OEM we are seeking more forward-looking and dynamic partner companies who reflect our ethical values and operate with the levels of integrity we require to help develop and nurture our globally recognised brand. It is exciting for me to represent the company at IMPA in London and to help develop further our dedication to Safety at Sea. We never forget the contributions that the Officers and Crew and Technical Management teams of our customer vessels make to both our company and to international trade”.