We are delighted to announce we have teamed with Key Solutions in Singapore to open our first ODA service station in the country.

Key Solutions have signed as our ODA (Organisational Delegated Authority) to conduct the after sales servicing and calibrations for our customers in Singapore. Our CEO, Carl S P Hunter, spent time with Raphael and his team at Key Solutions in Singapore last week. This is very welcome news. This is a key offering to our customers in Singapore, and other customers in South East Asia who would prefer to send their Coltraco equipment to a local service centre rather than back to the Head Office in the UK.

“Key Solutions is recognized and respected for its knowledge and expertise in one of the world’s most specialized assembly, process and production industries. We provide unparalleled quality services to clients around the globe. We are pleased to become Coltraco’s ODA Service Station in Singapore” said Key Solution’s CEO, Raphael.

We will work closely with Key Solutions to ensure all our customers receive the same excellent customer service and quality work that they experience in the UK.

Here are Key Solutions’ contact details:

Key Contact: Mr Raphael F. J.
Key Solutions Pte Ltd
50 Tagore Lane #05-01, Singapore 787494
Tel: +65 6259 7114 Fax: +65 6253 0924

We welcome any customers interested in sending their equipment for calibration to get in touch with Raphael and our Support team on support@coltraco.co.uk. Please email cmehunter@coltraco.co.uk with any queries.