After rigorous research and design, Coltraco are proud to release a more accurate, reliable and flexible
ultrasonic flow meter.

1. Accurate – the Portasonic 2.FL0 is accurate to +/-1% accuracy
2. Reliable – the Portasonic 2.FL0 is calibrated to ISO17025 standards
3. Flexible – the Portasonic 2.FL0 has 3 modes of operation, making it suitable to different

The Portasonic® 2.FL0 ultrasonic flow meter is used to measure flow rates of clean liquid in pipe. The
device comes with clamp on transducers for non-invasive measurement. The Portasonic® 2.FL0 utilizes
two transducers, one that acts as ultrasonic transmitters and the other a receivers. There are three
principles of operation; V-method, W-method or Z-method which refers to transducer positioning. The
software calculates the time it takes for the ultrasonic pulse to pass from the transmitter to the
receiver, which is dependent on the flow rate.

With no moving parts and an easy digital set up mean it’s a cost effective and time effective
maintenance solution. Reduction of maintenance time and cost is a driving factor within any business
operation with pipework installed. Accurate flow data provides the chance to make energy saving
measures by fine tuning the systems.

Portasonic® 2.FL0 can be used for spot checks, using an internal, rechargeable battery or for extended
continuous operation as a 4-20mA flow transmitter with AC power input. The ease of use and accuracy
of Portasonic® 2.FL0 allows for improved business continuity and safer buildings and industrial facilities
across a variety of industry verticals. With the ability to conduct spot checks at mandated intervals, full
integrity of pipework can be ensured.

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