Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud members of the new National Maritime SSA partnership between the SSA and NMDG launched at LISW last week.

Official press release from the new Chair of National Maritime, Dr Richard Freeman:

“This agreement promises a bright future for all members and is being heralded as a perfect marriage between SSA, the UK’s oldest maritime trade association and widely regarded as the ‘voice of the marine industry and British shipbuilding’ and National Maritime, the country’s fastest growing and most dynamic maritime network.”

Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA) :  As a not-for profit organisation, the SSA is the ‘Voice of the Marine Industry’ and represents member’s interests in maritime working groups with UK government and industry, and is involved in collaborative projects with European shipyards and maritime organisations.

National Maritime (NMDG): As a not-for profit organisation, National Maritime drives trade, productivity and growth for maritime industries working in the maritime sector, focused on two priorities 1) Supply chain development and 2) The sustainable growth of estuarine and coastal communities.

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