Coltraco Ultrasonics supports Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing of Mariners at Sea

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Mental health is as important as our physical health. We warmly support the IMO Secretary-General initiative for the wellbeing and mental health of Mariners at sea and the Minister of Maritime at the Department for Transport in the UK in the implementation of the Eradication of Modern Slavery at Sea globally in the UK’s capacity as a lead global maritime nation.It is not a topic we at Coltraco Ultrasonics have spoken about overtly, and yet looking after the well-being of the Coltraco team is at the centre of how Carl defines a company and at the core of our vision. Carl will also never fail to remind each of us that he is available to us all whenever we would like a chat. We have our Customer Care Commitment – but it starts internally with our team.

  • “A definition of a company is the sum of the individuals withinit. My aim is to create a profitable, sustainable and happy company for those who work in it.” – CSPH
  • “Our vision is to improve safety worldwide through ultrasonics, with integrity at our core, to create a profitable, sustainable and happycompany for our people, our customers and all those we interact with.”

Our Coltraco culture embodies a kind attitude.

  • Our flexible working practice provides the opportunity for each individual to achieve fulfilment through balancing work, family, social and other interests.
  • The amazing feedbackwe receive from customers worldwide very often focusses on the joy they feel from interacting with our team. When we attend exhibitions and trips people often remark on the joy of Coltracians. This reflects the caring nature of our team, who strive to look after each other. We hope that our culture means that we can help each other through mental health issues.
  • However the spirit of opennessdoes not mean anyone has to disclose anything about themselves unless they feel comfortable to do so

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