Coltraco Ultrasonics will continue to support you across Europe, regardless of the outcome
of Brexit. Ships won’t stop sailing at sea, and we won’t stop providing your safety. We have
a network of distributors, agents and partners in Europe, ready to support you with any requirements you have.

  • Our European customers may be assured of our complete dedication and support
  • Our principal aim is to be “better, faster, cheaper” to be at the forefront of our marine and fire safety technologies
  • Working with our European strategic partners, service stations and distributors to maintain our first-class delivery, technical support and training services

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Distributor Spotlight

Spain – Fire Safety Distributor
Our Spanish customers benefit from local expertise and support throughout the country
from Firescon, Fire Safety Consultants.


Italy – Fire Safety Distributor
Our Italian customers receive local support and knowledge from Unidet, our distributor
based in Milan: Unidet Anticendi SRL.


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Watch this VIDEO of our CEO talking about why we are confident that our international relationships with yourselves will continue to flourish in 2019. #exportingisGREAT


Watch this VIDEO of our CEO on Sky News, being interviewed by Adam Boulton, on All Out Politics promoting export after EU Exit:


Below is a statement from Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, CEO of Coltraco Ultrasonics:

  • “Parliament voted overwhelmingly to implement the results of our referendum to leave the EU
  • The referendum result means leaving the single market, customs union, the ECJ and all the institutions of the EU
  • Parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50 saying that we will be leaving on 29 March 2019
  • Government policy recognises deep and common security and trading interests with the EU
  • And is mindful of the concerns of those in the UK who are concerned about leaving the EU
  • Negotiating our Future Agreement with the EU can only begin when we leave the EU during the Implementation Phase of the Withdrawal Agreement
  • That the UK’s Global Britain strategy is to uphold the rules based order whilst using EU Exit to re-balance its USA, EU, Commonwealth and key allied rest of the world nations relationships such as Japan
  • That one of the aspects of these is to maintain high regulatory standards in the UK on EU Exit whilst implementing its independent trade policy within the rules-based international order institutions such as the WTO
  • Rejecting media reports that government “lacks bandwidth outside EU Exit” and that every effort will be made to secure the UK’s orderly exit from the EU and to “roll-over” exiting EU free trade agreements”

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