CSPH attends the Maritime 2050 Reception, House of Commons

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It was a pleasure to hear the Former Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani MP address the reception on the importance of Maritime 2050 (images below).

Maritime 2050 is the first 30 year maritime strategy we have had in our 500 years as a global maritime nation, and it seeks to redress how we have become “sea blind” to the fact that 96% of all physical trade is maritime.

The relationship between “Flag and Trade” was an intimate one over our 500 years as a maritime nation. Maritime 2050 reinvigorates much of this in a new Government-Maritime Business relationship.

Maritime 2050’s success will be based on distinguishing UK values in the global maritime domain. They will be more achievable if they are based on founding UK values/principles, in a complex world which has never needed them more than it does today. Those same values are precisely the underlying ones for the preservation of our Rules-based International system.