Distributor Spotlight: Chubb International Gulf Trading Company WLL, Qatar using Portalevel® – 17 June 2019

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Chubb International Gulf Trading Company WLL, Qatar have been using Coltraco’s Portalevel® for over a decade.  Coltraco would like to thank Chubb Qatar for being early users of our Portalevel® portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator which they use to inspect the fire suppression systems which they install. As leaders in fire safety in Qatar, Chubb understand the need for rigorous testing, to ensure the correct contents fill e.g. of CO2, Novec™1230, FM-200® and other suppressant gases. Improving fire safety to protect lives, assets and infrastructure is a mission both companies share and is what Coltraco calls their Safesite® mission.

Thank you to the team at Chubb for kindly taking the time to show you how they are using the Portalevel®. This is a throwback to our 6th generation model which is now over 7 years old! Thanks to the robust design and quality manufacture all MADE IN BRITAIN, Portalevel® users can be confident that it is a worthwhile investment, giving great return for many years.

WATCH Chubb Qatar using a 6th generation Portalevel® to inspect cylinder fill: click here.

If you are in Qatar and in need of enhancing your fire safety or want to learn more about how they use the Portalevel®, please get in touch with an esteemed friend of Coltraco: Rami Batrawi | General Manager

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