DISTRIBUTOR SPOTLIGHT: Spain – Introduction to our Fire Safety Distributor – 22 Feb 2019

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Our Spanish customers benefit from local expertise and support throughout the country. This month we celebrate working with Firescon Fire

Safety Consultants S.L.  who are an Engineering and consulting firm based in Madrid.

Ivan Arranz, General Director Bch. Engineer & M. D. on Fire Safety Engineering Specialist on Gaseous Based Fire Suppression Systems for Firescon says the following:  “We do a number of services divided into 3 main areas: engineering (Projects, designs, calculations, peer review, etc…), auditing (Inspection and testing of systems and equipment; reviews and evaluations of facilities by law and/or according to reliability and effectiveness) and consulting (Code consulting, expert-base training, independent advice on many issues, etc…). Our main values and differentiation are independence, experience and knowledge (apart from maintaining high ethical and honesty within the sector). Our technicians and associates are actual experts in a particular area within the whole discipline of Fire Protection Engineering.

“As an independent fire engineering consultancy firm, we do not involve in the supply of extinguishing systems or agents. It is rare that we take advantage of products. Exceptionally, we only market some products, those of our greatest confidence, due to their trajectory and technical quality, innovation and contribution to the Fire Protection market needs, which we know well enough. It is why some time ago we became the COLTRACO ULTRASONIC´s representative for the Fire Protection market in Spain.

“We trust that our partnership with COLTRACO helps to increase the quality of services provided within the Fire Market in our country. In this way, we also try to increase the level of availability and reliability guarantees of the fire suppression systems, for a better protection of high value assets, which these systems are intended to.”

Clare Hunter, Head of Marketing & Communications, Coltraco Ultrasonics: “I have known Firescon since 2014 and in the last two years have welcomed them as our distributor for the fire safety market in Spain. It is a pleasure to work with Ivan and Sonia and develop the understanding of fire suppression systems servicing in Spain together.”


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