Feedback from USA Customer about Portalevel

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Thank you for your very prompt response and I hope you had a nice Christmas as well.

Wow! That is very generous of you to send me some stickers I am very impressed with your customer service and will definitely pass along great remarks about you and Coltraco. Let me know if there is any cost, shipping etc. I really would like to use the Coltraco stickers, my big inspection is not until February so no need to rush ship them.

Like I said in my initial email I use a Portalevel Max that we have had for almost 2 years now. Mostly I use it on 100Lbs CO2 cylinders for Fire Suppression systems. A lot of these systems are in places like Chip manufacturing Clean rooms were it is difficult to either move cylinders or get a scale in to weigh them. Our Portalevel has worked great, most of the cylinders we inspect at our larger customers are very similar in steel thickness and are with in 6 to 10 years in mfg. dates so it is fairly easy to determine the level of every cylinder. We have also used our Portalevel on Halon and FM-200 tanks in several site were the tanks have no liquid levels indicators and are mounted in difficult places like above equipment and above ceilings of Data Centers for an example. There have only been a few older tanks when I have had a question on my readings, I figure it is probably due to a steel thickness or weld issue. At my previous Employer a had used the earlier model Portalevel, and had the cable to the sensor head come out of the twist lock coupling. My guess from is that happened from abuse, techs holding the Portalevel by the cable or not twisting the coupling enough before unplugging. Other than that it has been a great tool and has saved thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Thanks again.


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