Get Peace of Mind 24/7 with “PERMAMASS® FEATHERWEIGHT”

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Introducing our brand new “PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT.

A brand-new technology for total flood fire suppression systems in high-pressure seamless cylinders by Queen’s Award winning, Coltraco Ultrasonics and the Durham Institute of Research, Development & Invention.

PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT is the world’s first dedicated three-gas-system to continuously monitor high pressure fire suppression agents, such as Inergen™, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Clean Agent cylinders with combined Nitrogen; Reporting loss of agent quantity in real-time, un-affected by temperature.

The PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHTis a fixed 24/7 fast-acting weight monitoring system for Inert Gas, CO2 and Clean Agent Fixed Fire Suppression Systems.

Get complete peace of mind that your system is fully protected – 24/7

  • Highly accurate: within 1% of true agent weight and within 1% for pressure loss in Inergen™ systems above 10 kg agent weight.
  • Hot Climate: operates on CO2 at high temperatures, where liquid level testing is not possible.
  • Risks: can be identified earlier allowing planned remedial action to take place without the need to shut down the fire suppression system.
  • Easy Installation: ideal for retrofitting along with full refits of your fire suppression systems.

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