The Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL includes a range of liquid level testing applications across various sectors including:


PROBLEM: A food processing factory based in the South of the UK approached Coltraco facing difficulty in monitoring the contents of its mayonnaise and Coltraco offered a solution to this problem. The mayonnaise used for the coleslaw is contained in 2.2. metres high, 5mm stainless steel cylinders.

SOLUTION: The implementation of the Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL, allows the plant to run more efficiently and reduces risks by providing staff with a means of accurately and non-invasively monitoring the contents within the mayonnaise tank negating the need for physical inspection using ladders.


PROBLEM: A British pharmaceutical company approached Coltraco for an innovative solution to aid a manufacturing plant,  where a mix of ammonia and water is delivered to the site in Intermediate Bulk Containers. Previously, the company had been monitoring the ammonia contents through a physical dip stick measurement on the tank, because of a lack of confidence in the internal IBC monitoring systems. However, the fumes given off by ammonia are irritating and posing a severe health risk for the engineers.

SOLUTION: The Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL requires no input from the on-site engineer apart from the simple application of the sensor to the vessel wall. This protects the operator from the health and safety problems that were presented through manual monitoring, as well as increasing efficiency.


PROBLEM: A manufacturer of high end components for Aerospace and other high end engineering based in Wolverhampton, approached Coltraco for assistance with its monitoring of ammonia. Manually weighing cylinders proved inefficient, time consuming and risks damaging the system and injuring the personnel conducting the laborious test.

SOLUTION: Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL allowed for more efficient operations and reduced waste by ensuring partially empty cylinders were not returned to the gas supplier.


PROBLEM: A Steel Production facility commissioned Coltraco for assistance with their transformers. As transformers age,

they become more likely to lose internal oil. It is important for oil levels in the transformer main tanks to be full, as they act as an insulator and allows the transformers to function efficiently.

SOLUTION: With the Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL, oil level inspection can be done routinely without opening the lid of the transformer and thus prevent unwanted moisture from being absorbed by the oil which deteriorates the oil. Inspecting with increased efficiency, the oil inspections can now be conducted routinely saving overall maintenance and labour costs as only a single user is required to operate the equipment.

Coltraco Ultrasonics provide smart ultrasonic solutions which enable business owners to improve their safety management and reduce the risks to human life, business continuity caused by any downtime and thus minimise risk to reputation by delivering a Safesite®.