Improving fire safety in the Chinese marine sector

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We are proud to highlight our relationship with our partner in the shipping sector in China: Sapphire Marine Corp. Director, Daniel He, kindly shared the following;

“It is our honor to work with you guys. Attached pictures, came from the ordinary work of Glorious Marine-Fire, Rescue and Safety service engineer and our F.R.S workshop, which owned by Sapphire Marine Corp. We used products from old version to the newest version of level indicator.”Inspecting fixed fire suppression systems on ships is vital. Fire is the second biggest cause of loss of vessels. Proper maintenance of the systems is one way to improve safety on board.

For Coltraco Ultrasonics, this is our Safeship mission: to improve safety of life, cargo and vessel, whilst reducing time and cost. This is at the core of our technology design and manufacture. E.g. pictured above is the Portamarine 7th generation portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator for testing CO2 marine fire systems. It enables all crew members to implement the IMO regulations FSS Code Chapter 5 the vessel must have the means for the crew to conduct test of the ships fire system onboard.

We share our expertise and 30 year’s experience in the industry with leading ship owners, managers, surveyors and servicing companies with the likes of the FIA Working Gases Group on ‘Guidance on the maintenance of CO2 systems in Marine’. Below are a few key points:


Chapter 2, Para 4: Contents verification for CO2 performed by ultrasonic liquid level measurement

Chapter 2, Para 9: For marine vessels to meet the more frequent container contents inspection specified by land based regulations, it is therefore recommended that ultrasonic liquid level indicators be considered

Chapter 2, Para 12: The frequency of contents verification in the marine standards should at least match the land based standards requirement (every 6 months), or consideration be given to exceed it, to account for the conditions in a marine environment


Chapter 9, Para 2: An integrity test should be carried out during system commissioning and a visual inspection of the enclosure is required every 12 months to assess for new penetrations, or changes which could affect the integrity of the protected enclosure. Use of alternative technologies to complement visual inspection, such as ultrasound, may be considered.

Please get in touch if you would like details or to discuss any points.

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