Introducing Our Exclusive Fire Safety Partner in Japan, Nichibou Co., Ltd

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A Happy New Year 2016 and it is our great pleasure to introduce our Fire Safety Partner in Japan, Nichibou Company Limited in Tokyo. Mr Kenji Taniguchi san is the company’s esteemed President.

Mr Seiji Uehara, Manager Overseas Trading group, Special Equipment Section at Nichibou comments, “ We are very happy to announce that we will start an exclusive distributorship with Permalevel™ Multiplex, Permalevel™ Single Point, Portalevel™ MINI Nippon and Portalevel™ DATALOGGER in the Japanese Fire Protection market from this year. Our company’s principle is to ‘Achieve as many as No.1’s’ and our highly motivated and trained 160 service members in Japan are engaged energetically with Fire Protection System installation and maintenance and we are recognized with a wonderfully high reputation in Japan. Japan is one of the world’s most highly developed industrial nations, and is sadly facing recurring natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and typhoons – but like the English we will keep smiling ! Therefore for Business Continuity and Secured Social & Critical Infrastructure it is imperative to plan and implement high technology monitoring systems to protect irreplaceable and critical infrastructure. In 2020, Japan will host the Tokyo Olympic Games and will welcome many people from all over the world. We are so honoured to contribute to prepare for a successful Olympic Games to protect relevant facilities in Japan with Coltraco’s state-of-the-art technology. I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter for being so generously patient in guiding us to this memorable moment. Thank you. “

Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “For many years we have aimed to secure a partner in the Japanese fire safety market with the vision, capability and dynamism of Mr Taniguchi, the President of Nichibou Co. Ltd. During our discussions with Mr Uehara san and President Mr Taniguchi san, my most recent being in Seoul last month, I count our blessings that we are with this fine and honourable company. It is my belief that Portalevel™ MINI Nippon and Permalevel™ Multiplex will become certified and accepted in the Japanese fire market with flying colours and that our relationship with Nichibou will become the strategic partnership we have long aspired to creating in the wonderful country that Japan is and to which we are committed to supporting to protect its infrastructure and in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics where our remote diagnostic, remote monitoring and autonomous data management capabilities will play a vital and essential role in ensuring the wonderful global event that Japan will host. I thank Nichibou Company Limited for this essential strategic partnership in Japan”


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