Introducing Portapipe® – The Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator for Pipes!

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We are excited to introduce you to our latest innovation: Portapipe® – the ultrasonic liquid level indicator for pipes!

What does it do? Accurately detects and measures liquid levels in horizontal or vertical pipes, cylinders, or other containers with a maximum size of 331 mm (12+ inches) in diameter.

How does it do it? By utilising both time-of-flight and absence/presence detection mechanisms for liquid level measurement, it provides a precise reading of the liquid level in terms of percentage fullness.

How does it do it? It has an accuracy of ±1% of the true level.

How does it work?

Horizontal Pipes
– Horizontal pipes can be tested using the Time of Flight Method.
– The sensor is placed at the bottom of the pipe and the Portapipe® accurately measures the height of the liquid in the pipe.
– This measurement is displayed on the screen as a “percentage fullness” based on the diameter of the pipe.
Vertical Pipes
– Vertical pipes can be tested using the Absence / Presence Method.
– As the sensor is moved up and down the pipe, the Portapipe® indicates whether liquid is present or not.
– The presence of liquid is shown on the screen through a bar graph.

Portapipe® easy-to-use design and reliable performance makes it an essential tool for anyone working with fluids and pipes.

Please find a few indicative industries:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing plants: Monitoring chemical levels is crucial for ensuring proper chemical usage and preventing environmental harm. 
  • Chemical plants: Ensuring the safety and control of pipes carrying chemicals is critical. 
  • Oil and gas industry: Preventing overfilling or underfilling in pipelines is crucial. 
  • Food and beverage industry: Monitoring ingredient and finished product levels is important. 
  • Water treatment plants: Properly monitoring pipes involved in the water treatment process is essential.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Monitoring liquid levels in pipes during the manufacturing process is necessary.
  • Pulp and paper industry: Monitoring liquid levels in pipes during paper-making is crucial. 
  • Mining industry: Monitoring liquid levels in pipes during ore processing and tailings disposal is important.
  • HVAC systems: Preventing system overflow and damage is critical. 
  • Power plants: Monitoring liquid levels in cooling and fuel handling systems is necessary.

Try Portapipe® today and discover the difference it could make in your operations!

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