IMO SOLAS, ISO 14520, NFPA 12 Gaseous Extinguishing System Solutions

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To help you be compliant with IMO SOLAS FSS Code & ISO14520 for fixed gaseous fire extinguishing systems and NFPA 12 codes, look no further. (Scroll down for details.) Our unique place in the monitoring of liquefied gaseous extinguishing systems is that we cross-verify liquid level contents with agent mass calculations in a unique Portalevel™ MAX –Portasteele™ Calculator combination which has never been done before. We are launching a new remote constant monitoring system too – Permalevel™.



ISO 14520-1:2015 (Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems – Physical properties and system design – Part 1: General requirements)




Chapter 9.2 Inspection, 9.2.1 General The storage container contents shall be checked every 6 months as follows:


  1. Liquefied gases: for halocarbon agents, if a container shows a loss of agent in quantity of more than 5% or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10%, it shall be refilled or replaced


Annex F – System Performance Verification


  1. Every 6 months: perform the following checks and inspections:


    1. for liquefied gases, check weight or use a liquid level indicator to verify correct content of containers; replacer or refill any showing a loss of more than 5%

NFPA 2001:2018 (Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems)

Chapter 8 Inspection, Servicing, Testing, Maintenance, and Training


Clause 8.3 Semiannual Service and Inspection. At least semi-annually, the agent quantity and pressure of refillable containers shall be checked


Clause 8.3.1 For halocarbon clean agents with a means of pressure indication, if a container shows a loss in agent quantity of more than 5 percent or a loss in pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10 percent, it shall be refilled or replaced


Clause 8.3.6 Where the quantity of agent in the container is determined by special measuring devices, these devices shall be listed


NFPA 12:2018 (Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems)


Chapter 4 General Information


Clause 4.8 Inspection, Maintenance and Instruction


Clause 4.8.3 Maintenance


Clause High Pressure Cylinder Weights


Clause At least semi-annually, all high pressure cylinders shall be weighed, and the date of the last hydrostatic test noted


Clause If, at any time, a container shows a loss in net content of more than 10%, it shall be refilled or replaced

  1. Happy with regulatory compliance (6 monthly/Annual) inspections, cost effective option Portalevel MINI

Solution: Portalevel® MINI –  Recommended for 6-12 monthly inspections of CO2 systems choose 7th Gen handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator

  1. Give me trend data and flexibility and more (monthly) inspections Portalevel MAX + Portasteele CALCULATOR

Solution: Portalevel® MAX + Portasteele®CALCULATOR – Perfect solution for identifying the correct cylinder fill weight by combining level + mass & saving the reports and data

  1. I need the best solution you have – ideally constant monitoring with real-time diagnostics and remote data relay with Permalevel.

Solution: Permalevel® – Ideal for those at the top level of safety who want a remote monitoring solution with constant real-time diagnostics

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