LAUNCHING the Portapipe®

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LAUNCHING The Portapipe®

Coltraco Ultrasonics is proud to announce the launch of Portapipe®, our latest addition to our Level range. Portapipe® is a handheld, ultrasonic level indicator designed for application on pipes, allowing for a variety of applications, including pipe fullness measurement, overflow monitoring, blockage detection, and pipe capacity assessment. Portapipe®‘s ultrasonic operating principle makes it a non-invasive measurement devices which requires no downtime or pipe modification. This allows for safer, easier, and faster pipe monitoring, which in turn makes industrial operation more efficient.

Highly Versatile Operation:

Portapipe® is a highly versatile measurement platform, operable on pipes from 25mm to 330mm in diameter with the two dual-element sensors provided. Its pre-programmed database includes 16+ fluid types and 13+ pipe materials to allow application on almost any pipe configuration. Additionally, it can be used on either vertical or horizontal pipes using the two measurement modes, and extra fluid types and pipe materials can be added by simply entering their speed of sound into the database.

Portapipe®’s Dual Applications Explained:

  1. Horizontal Pipe Measurement using time-of-flight method – The sensor is placed on top or below the pipe and then sends an ultrasonic pulse into the pipe. The time taken to receive the pulse is then calculated against the values pre-programmed into Portapipe® to provide a reading of the percentage fullness of a pipe.
  2. Vertical Pipe Measurement using presence/absence method – The sensor is moved up and down the pipe while the operator monitors the data using Portapipe®‘s 128×68 backlit LCD display. The display indicates where liquid is or is not present, which by moving the sensor allows an operator to determine the liquid level to ±1% of true level.

Guarantee Safety and Efficiency:

These two measurement modes, combined with Portapipe®‘s portable, battery-powered configuration and the two sensor types provided allow it be be seamlessly cross-applied throughout a facility. Portapipe® uses standard 9V batteries to provide it with a 12 hour battery life, establishing it as a measurement device that will exceed operational requirements. Its extreme precision and ease-of-use make it an industry-leading solution to pipe monitoring, which improves safety and operational efficiency.

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