Measure Flow rate + Calculator internal Pressure with Portasonic® PRO!

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Are you tired of using multiple instruments to measure liquid flow rates and internal pipe pressures? 

The Portasonic® PRO is the solution you’ve been searching for!

  • One instrument, Two capabilities: Measure flow rate and calculate internal pressure – non-invasively.
  • Non-invasive design: Clamp-on, portable, can be used across pipes without installation or downtime.
  • Accurate results: Verified accuracy of 0.5% flow rate and 5% internal pressure calculations.
  • Easy data management: Save and export data for traceability, filter by date or pipe.
  • Sophisticated technology: Takes into account temperature and material roughness for the highest accuracy.

Upgrade to the Portasonic® PRO today and experience the future of flow measurement and internal pipe pressure monitoring.

Reasons to choose the Portasonic® PRO:

  • Portable touchscreen tablet for on-the-go measurement
  • Precise results with non-invasive flow measurement
  • Versatile for use across multiple pipes and sections
  • Easy reference and traceability with saved test records
  • Increase safety and ensure you do not exceed safe tolerences

We are global leaders in the monitoring of liquefied and non-liquefied gaseous extinguishing systems that protect high-asset value installations and critical national infrastructure.