Monitor Your Pressurized Gas Systems with Precision – Portagas® is the Solution You Need!

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Are you looking for a precise solution to monitor your pressurized gas systems? If so, we have the perfect solution for you – Portagas®.

Portagas® is a “World First” for monitoring pressurised, non-liquefied inert gas cylinders – such as Inergen®.

Here’s what makes it unique:

What sets Portagas® stand out from the competition:

A WORLD FIRST – Our innovative technology offers non-invasive and non-destructive monitoring of pressurised, inert gas systems, making it a World-first.

INTELLIGENT PRESSURE MONITORING – Our technology utilises a built-in infrared thermometer to automatically adjust measurements for temperature changes, distinguishing between temperature-induced pressure changes and actual loss of contents.

UNLIKE PRESSURE GAUGES – Our technology is not prone to the mechanical issues that may affect traditional pressure gauges, such as needle sticking or vibrations causing inaccurate readings

RECORD & REPORT – Tracking maintenance has never been easier with our technology. The instrument allows users to save and report records directly from the device, which can then be exported via email or USB stick as a CSV file or a PDF report.

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