A common challenge for installations with widespread Multiple Cable Transit areas (MCT’s) is the ability to easily and reliably inspect the seals, to ensure they are fit for purpose. Different MCT’s have significant impacts on the safety aspect of an installation, whether it be protecting against fire and smoke, water ingress as part of a Bulkhead or providing other airtight and watertight seals. These are commonly found throughout Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, Commercial Shipping Vessels, Naval Vessels, Power Stations and other similar facilities.

The Portascanner® II provides a highly accurate, quick and efficient method to check these seals and uses ultrasonic technology to determine if any leaks are present in the seal. These are incredibly hard to identify using visual inspections and pressure tests are often too time consuming to be pragmatic. This unit is proven for this application, the most mathematically accurate unit in the world and is the unit of choice across a number of MCT installers, Offshore Oil and Gas operators, Shipping companies and Naval surface and sub-surface vessels.

Portascanner package