Adapt to thrive: how Coltraco responded to COVID-19

Hosted by Chris Roberts from Durham University, the podcast is called “The Lemonade Principle”. This is a podcast from Durham University Business School that brings you inspirational guests from around the world, wherever you are. You should be able to find it by searching in the podcast app you use. Here is the link to Apple Podcasts if that helps.

Lemonade Podcast Episode Description

This week we speak with Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter OBE.

We discuss his company’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic and how he adapted his business to not only survive, but to play a role in the UK’s response to it. We hear about how they adapted their technology to create a brand new product for the fight against Covid 19, and Carl tells us about the culture that has driven the business forward through a difficult year.

We also hear how the last 12 months has changed Carl’s view of leadership, and it’s clear he has a passion for his business and the team that he considers his family.

Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter OBE is the CEO of Coltraco Ultrasonics, British manufacturers of ultrasonic technology operating across a multi-sectoral customer base including shipping, offshore, power generating and safety engineering in 120 countries around the world. He was awarded an OBE for Services to Business and International Trade in 2019, the Lifetime Exporting Achievement Award, and his company The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. Coltraco Ultrasonics was also named as one of the Top 100 Best British Innovators by Innovate UK. Carl is a Department for International Trade Export Champion, a Commonwealth Business Mentor, a Professor-in-Practice at Durham University Business School… the list goes on.

This episode is a fitting start to Series 2 and an excellent reflection on a challenging year.

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