Coltraco launched in Tokyo today 2 units dedicated to the Japanese market: Portalevel™ MAX Nippon and Portalevel™ Mini Nippon.

Both liquid level indicator units have been designed and configured with DKSH our partner in Japan to support the Japanese fire safety market in fire engineering companies, data centre’s, high rise buildings, power generating & electricity distribution companies, shipping & marine surveying and the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and the Japan Coast Guard. Marine applications are additionally supported by the use of the Mini Extension Rod. DKSH are Coltraco’s partner company in Japan. DKSH is a Swiss Market Expansion Services Group. Although its headquarters is in Zurich, DKSH is deeply rooted in communities all across Asia Pacific. With 735 business locations in 35 countries – 710 of them in Asia – and 26,700 specialized staff, the company has its origin in the activities of three Swiss entrepreneurs who sailed in the 1860s east to Asia. Independently and within a few years of each other, Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm set off for Singapore, Eduard Anton Keller for the Philippines, and Hermann Siber for Yokohama.

Portalevel™ MAX Nippon is designed to test CO2, FM-200™, NOVEC™ 1230, Halon 1301, HFC 225 & 227 to +/- 1.5mm and able to test each cylinder in 30 seconds. Coltraco support their products on a through-life maintenance basis. To see the unit in operation please View Video . Portalevel™ MAX Nippon is UL approved.