Portascanner TM has a proud marine history first manufactured in 1993 and winner of the Safety at Sea Award in 1994 when we produced the world’s first omni-directional “hedgehog design” Supplementary Bulk Generator. Please see the old unit below compared to the new design. Today, our Marine Department’s new Portascanner™II Watertight has recently won an Indian Navy contract and this week a Shipmanagement Company award too. Now featuring a robust carrying strap D-Ring so that operators can fix a shoulder strap on the unit when moving around the vessel, this unit now features dual Decibel & Mathematical displays, Classification Society approval, accuracy of +/-0.06mm, and the magnetised Generator is now the length of a pen but producing more ultrasound than the old “hedgehog” design, all in a lightweight, ergonomic marinised design format . It is used for hatch-covers, multiple cable transit areas and watertight compartment doors and in service with some of the world’s leading Shipmanagement companies and Navies. Designed by the company with 27 years of sea and Admiralty Research Laboratories experience and supported by our ODA Service Stations overseas in USA, Norway, India and Singapore. No IATA transportation restrictions and no liquid batteries. Training is free. IMPA Part Number 652778