Calculating internal pipe pressure from external flow

Calculating internal pipe pressures using external, non-invasive and portable external flow sensors 

In partnership with the Portasonic 2.FLO® portable ultrasonic flow meter 


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Calculate internal pipe pressure from external flow


The Portasonic® Calculator calculates the internal pressure within pipes, using non-invasive, external flow technology. 

This calculator is designed to operate in partnership with our Portasonic 2.FLO® Ultrasonic Flow Meter. The Portasonic® is one of the worlds leading non-invasive flow meters – in other words, place a sensor on the outside and we can tell the flow rate on the inside. This is an essential tool for a wide variety of maintenance and inspection needs. 

The Portasonic Calculator is designed as a supporting tool. It uses an empirical equation and detailed understanding of the pressures required to drive fluids at different flow speeds and fluid dynamics in a pipe, to calculate the liquid pressure to within 5% accuracy. 

How & why to measure internal pipe pressure?

The pressure in a pipe system must be closely monitored to ensure it does not excee safe tolerances. Critically high pressures can lead to pipe failure, damage to property, and risk to personnel. The durability and safe functioning of pipes, pumps, and related equipment are also affected by pressure. Knowledge of the pressure in a pipe system is therefore important for ensuring that the flow is occurring as expected, in a safe and sustainable manner.

Techical specifications


215mm x 135mm x 19mm

558 grams


Android 9.0

Data Transfer



7.0 inch HD IPS capacitive touch screen 

1280 x 800 px


MT 6762 Cortex A53 octa core, 2.0 GHz

GPY Power VR GE8320, 650 MHz




Front – 2.0 PM

Back – 13.0 MP with flashlight 


Built-in 8,000 mAh rechargable Li-ion battery 

200 hours operating time 

Operating Temperature

-10C to +65C / 67F to 160F

Enclosure Rating



Portasonic Calculator Brochure

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Frequently asked questions

What materials can the Portagauge 5 test?

The portable ultrasonic thickness gauge can test any type of metal and most hard plastics. The most popular metals include steel, aluminium, copper and popular plastics include PVC, Polyethene and fibreglass to name a few!

How accurate is the Portagauge 5?

The Portauage 5 is accurate at testing true material readings (ignoring surface coatings) to within 0.01mm

How to test sprinkler pipes?

The Portaguage 5 can be used to test any sprinkler pipe or other metal piping to identify areas of corrosion, locations where there has been considerable erosion, areas of fungal deterioration and other forms of metal ware. The testing process involves carrying out a series of spot checks along the bottom of the pipe. It is on the bottom of the pipe where liquid will naturally pool and thus where you are much more likely to have areas of heavy corrosion. The user simply goes down the entire length of the sprinkler pipe and continually monitors the pipe thickness and the waveform. Both should be consistent along the full length of the pipe. As soon as the thickness or the waveform begin to deviate significantly, (and they will normally do so together) the equipment has identified an area likely to be compromised and thus further physical & visual inspections will be required.

Do I need training to use the Portagauge 5?

This equipment is incredibly easy to operate, and no dedicated training is required in order to use the unit. We provide operating instructions which is normally enough to provide an operator with confidence and the required knowledge. However, every Coltraco unit comes with free technical support for the lifetime of the equipment so if you do need any further assistance, our technical team are on hand to support

How long does it take to deliver the portable thickness gauge?

These units are almost always available ex stock from the UK. Delivery to the UK is normally next day, Europe in 2 – 3 days and most of the rest of the world in 3 – 4 days from order. Please contact our sales team for an update on availability and for any other questions.

I don’t need to ignore the paint layer. Will this still work for my needs?

The short answer is yes and normally triple echo thickness gauge technology can be used for any thickness measuring applications. We do also offer our Portagauge 3 technology however which uses single echo technology and will measure paint & material as one reading.

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