Promotion to Head of After-sales for Lizi Popham

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At Coltraco Ultrasonics we pride ourselves on our commitment to valuing our people. Our CEO Dr Carl Hunter OBE defines a company as the sum of the individuals within it. We focus on the team members, based on our founding principles of integrity, innovation and inclusivity.

Today we are honoured to announce a promotion for one of our valued team members: Mrs Lizi Popham to the role of Head of After-sales.

During COVID-19 this has been more important than ever. Since March 2020, we have reaffirmed our commitment to supporting our team. We appreciate the challenges of coronavirus and work together to ensure we are reaching for our vision of a profitable, sustainable and happy business.“My journey started with Coltraco roughly 5 years ago when  I was working for Karen Jones exercising her horses. Karen asked if I would like to do some data inputting and administration work to assist her as she was incredibly busy. I had known Karen for several years and we had worked very closely together training her horse for top level Endurance competition. At this time I was working exercising racehorses 6 mornings a week and riding for private clients in the afternoons.

“I started working for Coltraco for approximately 10 hours a week. In August 2016 I decided to venture out of racing and Karen asked if I would like to increase my hours and become a sales assistant as she was becoming increasingly busy. I accepted and looked forward to the challenge of something new. This was a great change for me as I had been riding horses for a living since the age of 19. I relished the opportunity to try something new.

“I could not believe how welcoming and supportive everyone at Coltraco was. So kind and thoughtful and encouraging.

“I started by assisting Karen with her sales work and as the previous employee who managed after sales had just left , Karen asked me to take over the calibration and After-Sales side of sales. This involved engaging with customers and assisting them with sending their units to Coltraco and our Service Centers ( ODAs) around the world for calibration and engaging with the calibration centers themselves.

“Last year I had a baby and Coltraco were hugely supportive , allowing me to adjust my working hours around the baby ( who was very good and slept a lot!) I could have not asked for more support.

“I have recently been promoted to Head of After-Sales which I am truly grateful for and look forward to seeing where this takes me. I enjoy greatly working with all members of the team. Coltraco has an excellent Technical Support system for any customer experiencing any issues and this is something I feel extremely proud of.

“I look forward to the second half of 2020 and am very excited for the future with Coltraco.”

Lizi Popham, Head of After Sales, Coltraco Ultrasonics, 21st July 2020

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