Protect your crew, cargo and vessels with Coltraco’s Marine, Offshore and Naval range

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Protect your crew, cargo and vessels with Coltraco’s Marine, Offshore and Naval range. The principal reasons for ships, warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels loss at sea sadly remains sinking and fire.

Watertight compartment  doors, hatches and hatch-covers are installed to prevent water ingress for the former, and fixed gaseous extinguishing systems for the latter. Unfortunately both are liable to faults and challenging to test at sea where they are both most-necessary.

See infographic below.Our products save Marine, Offshore and Naval time and money whilst improving safety, compared to the traditional methods. E.g. for watertight integrity: instead of high pressure hose or chalk testing. E.g. for fire safety: instead of manually weighing each cylinder to identify the contents. Specifically for navies, we aim to target the two main causes of vessel loss: sinking (through testing of watertight integrity of NBCW seals and doors) and fire (through testing the fire suppression systems onboard).

Benefit from ‘better, faster and cheaper’ across our core technologies for level, integrity, thickness, flow, acoustic and pressure testing. All products are based on integrity, from design, through to life-time support, and are accurate, reliable and easy to use for any staff.

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