Safeguard high-value assets using the ‘world’s first’ Portagas®

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Do you use a Inergen® system to protect your high-value assets and critical facilities? Yes?

Then use groundbreaking Portagas® to non-invasively check the internal pressure / contents of pressurisednon-liquid inert gas systems such as Inergen®

Portagas® is the first of its kind.

Portagas® is set to revolutionise monitoring of inert gas cylinders such as Inergen®. Only with Portagas® you will know precisely whether an observed change in pressure is due to changing temperatures or a loss of contents.

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Portagas® precisely detects minor changes in internal pressure, comfortably exceeding the 5-10% agent and pressure loss thresholds cited in regulations such as NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520.

  • Pioneering: First of its kind to monitor inert gas cylinders in an intuitive Android platform
  • Reporting: Save your maintenance records, organised by date, time, site and cylinder.
  • Export data: Export your maintenance records as a CSV file or PDF report, via email or USB and enhance your service reports.
  • Regulation Compliance: NFPA 2001 & ISO 14520-1.

Watch the Portagas®  Live Demonstration Video: