Servicing Fire Suppression Systems

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Leave manual calculations of servicing fire suppression systems in the past. Say hello to simple, speedy easy calculations. Impress your customers with immediate service reports.

August 2020 – new software update launched!

Instantly know the agent weight of any CO2, NOVEC™1230, FM-200®, Halon 1211 Halon 1301, FE13™ or FE25™ cylinders etc. Working in harmony with the full Portalevel® range.

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“Putting you in charge of your fire servicing needs”

Comply with regulations by knowing how much agent has leaked. Save time by recording popular cylinder types. Compare results from previous service reports. Export ready to view reports by email or USB download. Free training and in-app help. Robust tablet with belt loop for easy use.

7 reasons why Portasteele® CALCULATOR will transform your servicing fire suppression systems

Regulation Compliance

1.Using mass difference know exactly what percentage of agent has been lost so you can always be in line with the regulations allowing for the >5% or >10% agent content loss

Save Personalised Data 

2. Input your frequently used cylinders once and save them forever with the data “save cylinders” feature

3. Servicing the same fire suppression system a year later? Simply find your previous results under “saved records” to compare cylinder performance year on year and look for losses in this year’s fire suppression cylinders’ contents.

4. With your “personalised folders” you can save your testing reports by site and by system for quick and easy organisation. Even add the Serial Number of your tested cylinder for accurate reporting.

Ready to go Reports

5. With “quick exporting” you can instantly export your reports to email or USB, no need for time consuming reports. Each report is “time stamped” for reliable, validated proof of servicing.

Easy to use Free Training

6. The “helpful tips” pop up gives you tips and graphics to help you navigate your way to intuitive seamless productivity.

7. Make this unit truly portable by attaching the robust, rugged Portasteele® CALCULATOR to your belt with our “handy design” secure loop.[contact-form-7 id=”322″]

What else can you expect from the Portasteele CALCULATOR?

The Portasteele CALCULATOR understands the many variables which impact the ability to accurately convert volume to weight:

  • for a variety of agents
  • in different temperatures – taking account of changes which affect fill level
  • for different cylinder sizes – with  database capability to save frequently used cylinder sizes and settings for even faster use
  • the cylinder graphic moves as an approximate scale display of the liquid level
  • the 7 inch tablet is ruggedized so its ideal for the usual working environments
  • no need to manually weigh with 2 people – saving time, cost & man power

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