Speed up Your Fire Servicing with Portasteele® Calculator

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Are you used to reporting on fire system servicing by recording the weight?

If you are, then the Portasteele® CALCULATOR is what you need. Together with our Portalevel® MAX PLUS you never need to lift a cylinder again!

The combined use of Portalevel® MAX Plus with Portasteele® CALCULATOR complies with ISO 14520, ISO 6183, NFPA 2001, NFPA 25 and many other related standards.The Portasteele® CALCULATOR will:

  • Calculate and report the mass of agent in your fire suppression systems
  • Within 1% accuracy
  • Providing traceability to your measured liquid level to agent mass on the cylinder’s label

A Quick Here’s How:

  1. Find the liquid level in the cylinder with the Portalevel® MAX PLUS
  2. Input your cylinder details in the Portasteele® CALCULATOR
  3. Add in the liquid level height and immediately convert to agent mass (metric and imperial units available).

Now Portasteele® CALCULATOR has confirmed the agent mass, you can:

  • Record serial numbers of individual cylinders and track the cylinder test records against past/ future testing records
  • Export your results straight to email or USB
  • Compare your measurements against regulations to see if your cylinder needs refilling or replacing – the percentage mass difference is calculated automatically

See the Portasteele® CALCULATOR in action during our LIVE DEMONSTRATION last week:

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