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Coltraco Ultrasonics are delighted to welcome Mr Lewis Kell, a third year Third Year MEng Engineering student at Durham University to their Research, Development, Design and Ergonomics Department on the Rolling Undergraduate Programme. Lewis has been working with Coltraco Ultrasonics and DIRDI on their ultrasonic level research as part of his placement:

Through being thrown in at the deep end of this project, I have been able to develop both my programming skills and problem-solving skills at a much greater pace than had I not, which will be greatly beneficial for my studies. The team here have been truly welcoming and have encouraged me to continually make progress; I look forward to continuing work with them.”Student Engagement Programme

The Student Engagement Programme is one of the largest at Durham University and distinguishes itself by producing graduates with First Class degrees, achieving their first career choices on graduation. Since 2013 Coltraco have encouraged students to gain professional experience at university to help them in their careers.   The business welcomes 15-25 undergraduates annually, as paid interns during holiday and term times.

This Programme gives undergraduate Physics, Engineering, Science, Law, Arts, Social Sciences and Business students an opportunity to tackle scientific problems, learn about industrial research, project planning and integrate their presentation, project and team-working skills in a high-exporting advanced manufacturing environment.

The Student Engagement Programme has led to the creation of The Durham Institute of Research, Development and Invention (DIRDI), a scientific research institute established by Coltraco in partnership with Durham University and based at ORBIT NETPark, Durham (LINK TO DIRDI). It includes within it the Centre for Underwater Acoustic Analysis (CUAA).DIRDI

DIRDI is a research institute comprising undergraduates, postgraduates, and academic staff at Durham University as well as Coltraco R&D professionals. It brings together academics and industry professionals across disciplines, primarily Physicists, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Computer Scientists. In doing so, it offers an opportunity for some of the UK’s finest minds to grapple with complex problems, some of which are abstract problems of the sort Newton wrestled with, fundamental questions regarding the nature of the universe. Others are applied problems of a more “Edisonian” nature, concerned with the application of fundamental physical principles to the design and development of new technologies. Core research specialities include acoustics, electromagnetism, and information engineering.

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