Testimonial: Route One Engineering Successfully Deploys Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Permaflow® for Challenging Flow Measurement Application

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Route One Engineering, a prominent engineering firm based in Pakistan, has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of flow measurement technology. Engr. Adil Murtaza, the Field Service Engineer at Route One Engineering, recently penned a testimonial highlighting their successful installation and commissioning of the Coltraco Ultrasonics Permaflow® Fixed Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter.

The project undertaken by Route One Engineering involved the testing of large pipes with approximately 600mm in diameter, equipped with DS10 sensors. These pipes were constructed from carbon steel with a 12.5mm cement lining and were primarily designed for custody transfer applications, utilizing water as the medium. The measured flow rate reached an impressive 4,000 m3/h.

The endeavor posed substantial challenges due to the large pipe size and the critical nature of the application, leading to initial measurement fluctuations. However, the collaborative efforts between Route One Engineering and Coltraco Ultrasonics’ technical support team proved instrumental in overcoming these challenges and resolving various issues.

The comprehensive commissioning process spanned over six months, dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction for the end user. The ultimate outcome was immensely positive, with the end user expressing delight in the results. This success has led to discussions about potential future orders of the Permaflow® for similar applications.

Engr. Adil Murtaza wholeheartedly recommends the Permaflow® for similar applications, citing the exceptional experience with Coltraco Ultrasonics’ products and technical support.

This achievement underscores the commitment of Route One Engineering and the capabilities of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Permaflow® in addressing complex flow measurement challenges. It also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and technical expertise in achieving successful outcomes in the field of engineering.

For the complete testimonial letter by Engr. Adil Murtaza, click here.

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