The Exporter interviews CSPH about advice for exporters

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With thanks to the Editor of The Exporter Magazine for interviewing Coltraco’s CEO. Here are a few extracts. For full details see the article below.

Coltraco’s CEO, and the recent recipient of the BExA Lifetime Achievement Award, Carl explains how to make an exporting company successfulThe Export Strategy from DIT. The Industrial Strategy from BEIS. The Environ-ment Strategy from DEFRA. And at DfT
– Maritime 2050 – a 30-year strategy for the first time in our 500-year maritime history. These are pragmatic, hopeful and considered works that will stand the test of time. I thank all the dedicated civil serv-ants and Ministers that have developed them. When I ask business leaders how many have read any of them – or even one of them – how many are able to raise their hands to say that they have. I warmly encourage business leaders to play their part in our National Endeavour to succeed by working with Government to make it happen – together.

I warmly encourage any company seek-ing to export to join organisations such as their trade association and the British Exporters Association and to register your company on

Get to know your regional DIT International Trade Advisor, your regional UKEF Export Manager and your DIT Market Sector Manager. Become a DIT Export Champion so that you can encourage other fellow UK companies to export more if they do already, and for those that do not, to start exporting. Above all know that to succeed in exporting is about being “faster, better, cheaper” than the competition whilst building on the values of technical and commercial integrity that are deeply rooted in the distinguishing values of your country, here in the United Kingdom. I wish you all success. 

Exporters will find, when they travel overseas, very welcoming teams at HM Diplomatic Posts overseas. They will find Foreign Office diplomats sitting alongside DIT trade officials trying their best to aid the UK exporter. No one will be better at assisting UK companies in developing countries where the target sector is state-owned enterprises than UK Government officials.

Our Civil Servants are the “jewel in our national crown” and Ministers go out of their way to aid UK business, but time and again UK business leaders use that assistance and forget to keep Government informed as to progress. 

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