Turn Risk To Reward : know your upfront costs + maintenance costs = lifecycle cost

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We know that the most important factor for our customers is to minimise risk. In fast paced businesses, downtime can be costly, financially, reputationally, and for the maintenance of safety practices. For safety critical environments, we understand that it is essential that the equipment used to improve protection must be fully operational at all times. So, take the chance to transfer the maintenance risk of your new Coltraco Ultrasonics equipment back to the original manufacturer with the Portacare® package.

What is Portacare® ?

  • Portacare® is a total care package that provides enhanced after sales support
  • It goes above and beyond Coltraco’s Customer Care Commitment (CCC)
  • It offers a world leading support programme to our products over a 5 year term length. Coltraco Ultrasonics operates with integrity – from design to after sales care – to best support customers and provide enhanced after sales support.

What is the CCC?

  • Customer – we invite you to benefit from Coltraco’s ethos of integrity from design to lifetime support
  • Care – we think care is better if its personal so you can arrange a phone call any time that suits you worldwide to answer your queries
  • Commitment – we want to save you cost and time, whilst helping you improve safety.

How can you cut risk with the Portacare® Package?

Know your upfront unit cost plus maintenance cost when buying new equipment. The package includes:

  • Fixed costs for 5 years – All calibration costs within the first 5 year period (total of 4) – saving £250/year
  • Free replacement – If a component becomes obsolete, you receive a free replacement unit of similar life
  • Free repair – First line repair is free – saving £100 (repairs over £100 must be paid for. Please note that Portacare® excludes customer-induced damage). After the first repair, 25% discount is given on any further repairs and accessories. Priority assistance will be given in spares and repairs
  • Upgrades – Upgrades are available at 25% discount – transfer existing Portacare® to the new unit so no loss of fee.
  • Discounts – 25% discount on upgrade options, 10% discount of a second product and exclusive offers personalised to you
  • Flexibility – Coltraco understand that every companies requirements are different, and are pleased to tailor a Portacare® package to your needs

Keen to learn more about the Portacare®? Email chloe@coltraco.co.uk for pricing, the brochure and frequently asked questions.

Portacare® is designed for customers using liquid level testing, seal integrity and condition monitoring equipment for in high value applications such as power plants, data centres and naval vessels.  Coltraco Ultrasonics is a leading British designer and manufacturer of innovative ultrasonic technology operating in 109 countries across multiple markets such as the offshore, marine, fire, renewable markets, for over 30 years. www.coltraco.com/news.