The WAGNER Group GmbH has been developing and producing technical fire protection systems since 1976 and has established itself internationally as an innovative provider of solutions and systems. Its high quality and constant strive for fire safety perfection drive innovation and resulting in over 700 patents. WAGNER is a global technology leader in the field of fire detection and prevention based on four system focal points: Fire Detection (TITANUS®), Fire Prevention (OxyReduct®), Fire Extinguishing (FirExting®) and Risk Management (VisuLAN®), used in IT, storage and logistics, archives, museums, offices/administrative buildings, manufacturing, railway vehicles, hotels guaranteeing optimal fire protection. With 500 employees with a network of subsidiaries in Germany the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, and the USA. We are proud to be teaming with WAGNER UK to bring PERMALEVEL MULTIPLEX into their range to constantly monitor customer FM-200 and NOVEC 1230 clean agent systems. Mr Brett Stringer, Technical Manager for Extinguishing Systems at Wagner UK says PERMALEVEL MULTIPLEX will, “raise the bar in terms of protection for critical IT infrastructure closer to the level attained in the offshore sector with complex accessibility issues, making it necessary to provide fire prevention solutions that will work regardless of when emergency teams arrive. We are proud to be working with Coltraco.” Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “It is our pleasure to be working with Wagner UK – a global leader in fire engineering and systems – in the constant monitoring of clean agent systems with Permalevel Multiplex.”