“The CEO Forum and host Robert Reiss reach “across the pond” and co-host Bill Peters sits down with Dr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter at the UK Maritime conference/NYC in waning days of 2018.” SOURCE: J Iannuzzi, YouTube.

Dr. Hunter is the CEO & Managing Director of Coltraco Ultrasonics, a designer and manufacturer of portable instruments and fixed monitoring systems for the naval, shipping, offshore, energy and fire industries. Dr Hunter joined the UK-US “International Trade Day” in New York on 22nd October 2018, hosted on HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. Learn more at : https://coltraco.com/ceo-joins-uk-us-international-trade-day-in-new-york-22-october-18/

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MaritimeUK invited Dr Carl Hunter as a member of the delegation to the US-UK event. “The British maritime leaders with meet with an American delegation aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth at the inaugural ‘Maritime Nations Forum’ between the UK and US.” Carl Hunter is a member of this association who aim to “bring together the UK’s shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to drive growth by promoting the sector, influencing government and fostering collaboration. Read MaritimeUK’s event press release : https://www.maritimeuk.org/media-centre/news/press-release-international-trade-day-trade-mission-british-maritime-leaders-arrive-new-york/

Read CEO Dr Carl Hunter’s Statement about the UK-US Maritime Nations Forum on 22nd October 2018