1. Place the sensor on the cylinder & press ‘CAL’. This sets the unit up on each cylinder.
  2. The bar will go to 100%. Full bar graph indicates gas, no bar graph indicates liquid
  3. Move the sensor down the cylinder in small steps
  4. Look at the graph. When it disappears, you have reached liquid.

For regular inspection, the Portalevel® MAX is a handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator, which can service a cylinder in 30 seconds (in contrast to 15 minutes by traditional manual weighing) with accuracy of up to 1.5mm off the true liquid level. Portalevel® MAX builds on Coltraco Ultrasonics’ 30 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting ultrasonic liquid level indicating equipment, in 108 Countries and numerous market sectors and environments. The development program was born out of the desire to further improve on Coltraco’s existing 8 designs and taking on board feedback and opinions of our customers.