Safeguard Your Vessel: The Importance of Watertight Door Integrity Testing with Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS

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In the maritime industry, ensuring the watertight integrity of doors is paramount for the safety of both vessels and their crews. Traditional testing methods, such as the chalk test and hose test, have proven to be inadequate and outdated.

Here we take a further look at the drawbacks of these methods and highlight the significance of adopting advanced technologies like Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS for comprehensive watertight door testing.



Pictured Above: Examples of Watertight Doors Used Onboard Vessels and Offshore Installations

What does a Chalk Test Actually do?

One commonly used but flawed method for testing watertight doors is the chalk test. While it assesses the compression of the door seal, it fails to guarantee actual watertightness.

A compressed seal doesn’t necessarily mean a leak-free seal, especially if the seal is damaged. Relying on the chalk test alone may lead to overlooking critical issues that could compromise the safety of the vessel.

Why using the Hose Test can be risky?

Another outdated method involves the hose test, where substantial amounts of water are sprayed inside the ship to check for leaks. While this test may identify leaks, it comes with inherent risks.

Uncontrolled water exposure can impact machinery, electronics, and electrical systems, potentially causing extensive damage. The hose test, therefore, poses a threat to the system that it aims to protect, making it an undesirable choice for watertight integrity testing.

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The Benefits of Using Ultrasound Technology

To address the limitations of traditional testing methods, it’s crucial to embrace innovative technologies. The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS offers a scientific and non-intrusive solution for inspecting the watertight integrity of doors. This ultrasonic instrumentation is designed to provide accurate and reliable results without the drawbacks associated with chalk and hose tests.

Regular maintenance using the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS not only ensures the watertight integrity of doors but also helps vessels comply with international maritime regulations. 

Avoiding issues raised by Port State Control and Classification Societies becomes more straightforward when advanced testing methods are employed. Compliance with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations is essential to guarantee that doors are maintained to the highest standards, reducing the risk of water ingress and enhancing overall maritime safety.

Check your Watertight Doors using the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS.

Cost Effective: A single operator can detect leaks in the watertight doors

Accurate: Gives an exact value of the severity of the leaks, as small as 0.06mm

Class Accepted: With ABS Product Type Approval



Join Others and Put Your Trust In Our Equipment

Our Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS was the first equipment to use ultrasound to detect leak sites (founded in 1993). Numerous technological evolutions resulted in the first-class Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS of today.

Portascanner® Watertight has been used onboard Naval vessels such as the Royal Navy and Indian Navy. We continue to serve leading Global Navies with the Portascanner® Watertight PLUS.

Concluding Thoughts on Watertight Door Integrity Testing

In the ever-evolving maritime industry, prioritising safety through advanced technologies is non-negotiable. Coltraco’s Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS emerges as a reliable and efficient tool for watertight door integrity testing, offering a superior alternative to traditional methods. By incorporating this cutting-edge technology into routine maintenance practices, vessel operators can not only safeguard against potential risks but also demonstrate a commitment to compliance with international maritime standards. Invest in the safety of your vessel and crew by making Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PLUS an integral part of your watertight door testing regimen.

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