CASE STUDY – Cost Saving Benefits of the Portalevel® MAX PLUS

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In the fire industry, clean agent systems are wildly used for their safe extinguishing capabilities. However, this involves excessive cost and high risk while applying maintenance processes and weighing the agent. The process will takes days and sometimes weeks which translates to having to protect the area with a backup system and spending precious time , effort and high cost.

You can now move away from the old traditional methods by investing once in Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portalevel® MAX PLUS.

Testimonial from NAF Fire, Jordan praising the Portalevel® MAX PLUS:

Portalevel® MAX PLUS completes the semi annually measurements in the combination of  a swift, simple, accurate manner.

  1. Cylinders do not need to be detached and sent to a service providing company to measure the weight of the agent.
  2. Substantial cost reduction
  3. Time efficient 
  4. Labor efficient 
  5. Full support from manufacturer over devices 
  6. Portable devices that could test different sites using the same process
  7. Extremely accurate results”

Old Method vs Portalevel® MAX PLUS (numbers are accurate and have been provided by NAF, Jordan in August 2022)

These numbers are calculated for FM-200 cylinder using the Old Method and ordered in a step by step actual process: 


  • One cylinder 
  • 600 pound 
  • One time 
  1. Labor cost to inspect a 600 pound cylinder (filled) = 4 personnel x 35 = 140 USD*
  2. Lift or a hydraulic car for lifting and loading cylinder = 1 (operator + loading truck fees ) x 280 = 280 USD*
  3. Weighing scale fees = 1 x 420 = 420 USD*
  4. Expert or engineer in measurement and gas transfer fees = 1 x 280 = 280 USD*
  5. Loss of gas (at the best scenario ) = 2kg x 35 = 70 USD*

Total Cost = 1,190 USD*. The total cost to inspect 1 cylinder twice a year as per NFPA instructions = 2 (at least times of maintenance per year) x 1,190 USD* = 2,380 USD* annually.

These numbers are calculated for FM-200 cylinder using the Portalevel® MAX PLUS method and ordered in a step by step actual process.


  • Infinite number of cylinders
  • All types of clean agent gases and more
  • Up to 900 pounds 
  • As many times the operator deems fit
  1. Purchase the Portalevel® MAX PLUS along with Portasteele® CALCULATOR = 1 x 4,200 = 4,200 USD* 
  2. Lift or a hydraulic car for lifting and loading cylinder = 0 (operator + loading truck fees ) x 0 = 0 USD*
  3. Weighing scale fees = 0 x 0= 0 USD*
  4. Expert or engineer in measurement and Gas transfer fees = 1 x 0 = 0 USD*
  5. Loss of gas = (at the best scenario ) 0kg x 0 = 0 USD*

Total Cost = 4,200 USD*. Total cost for the lifetime cylinder checks of unlimited cylinder = 4,200 USD*.

Old Method VS Portalevel® MAX PLUS – Comparison table

ParametersOLD METHODPortalevel® MAX PLUS
Labor6 people / outsourced1-2 personnel from the owner’s establishment
Time consumption2-6 days10 minutes per cylinder
Number of tests per year2 times as per regulations2 to infinite times
DismantlingMust dismantle every cylinder on its ownNo dismantling needed
Gas lossAt best case 2 kgs for every test and every cylinderZero gas loss
Cost efficiencyAround 4,800 USD* for 2 cylinders / GBP 3,600 POUND per yearAround 4,200 USD* to inspect any number and type of cylinder. Along with the Portasteele® CALCULATOR & complete technical and aftersales support with training and warranty

NAF Fire, Jordan believe using the Portalevel® MAX PLUS directly brings about:

  • Reduction in all aspects of cost, time and labor.
  • Increase in accuracy, efficiency , productivity and safety.
  • Instead of having to pay an annual charge, investing in Portalevel® MAX PLUS will pay for itself at the first year of testing and will remain as an money saver for all the years to come.
  • The extra cost paid on annual fees for testing cylinder can go to other sectors that need the support at the facility. 
  • The extra time of labor can be utilized for effectiveness in the establishment which translates to a larger revenue.
  • The extra assurance of accuracy will have the owner and workers in a clear safe state of mind. 

*USD figures converted as per costs in Jordan

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