Portalevel® MAX NIPPON

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator Designed Specifically for the Japanese Market

Portalevel® MAX NIPPON is a handheld, battery powered liquid level indicator specifically designed to be used on the thicker-walled cylinders which are common in Japan. It comes with a sensor extension rod for testing banks of cylinders and Portalevel® MAX NIPPON is specially calibrated as a solution for cylinders commonly used in the Japanese fire sector.

P/N: 2290334-COMX-NIP


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Safer, Faster, Better

Safer: Portalevel® MAX NIPPON can test the level of a wide range of fire suppression agents including Clean Agents, Inert Gases, and CO2 within just ±1.5mm.

Faster: Portalevel® MAX NIPPON is operated by just a single operator and a reading can be taken in under 30 seconds, which is a dramatic improvement on traditional agent weight calculation methods like weighing cylinders.

Better: Portalevel® MAX NIPPON includes an extendable sensor rod which can be used to measure cylinder banks up to 4 deep without needing to move or uninstall cylinders, which also eliminates any downtime.


An FESC-Approved Ultrasonic Solution 

With approval from the Fire Safety and Equipment Centre of Japan (FESC), Portalevel® MAX NIPPON is a tailor-made solution for finding the liquid level of fire cylinders constructed in line with Japanese regulatory requirements. It is a highly accurate and versatile measurement platform which excels in both marine and land-based environments at reliably returning measurements with great precision. The Portasteele® CALCULATOR can be used alongside the Portalevel® MAX NIPPON to calculate the exact agent weight of a fire suppression system and ensure its safe operation. Portalevel® MAX NIPPON’s exceptional accuracy is matched only by its ease of use:

  • An ultrasonic pulse is emitted by Portalevel® MAX NIPPON’s transducer into the cylinder.
  • The signal is reflected, returned, and analysed to determine if the contents at that level are a liquid or gas.
  • After then pressing the CAL button, the sensor can be moved up or down the cylinder to accurately find the liquid/gas boundary.


This establishes Portalevel® MAX NIPPON as a significant improvement on conventional agent measurement processes like weighing cylinders. Portalevel® MAX NIPPON also improves on methods like radioactive level indication, which carries significant safety concerns and related regulatory requirements.


What's In The Box

  Portalevel® MAX NIPPON Main Unit:
  Portalevel® MAX NIPPON Handheld Sensor:
  Extension Rod With Sensor:
  Ultrasonic Couplant:
  Infrared Thermometer:
  Operating Instructions:
  Calibration Certificate:
  Carrying Case:

Technical specifications

Technical Specification

160x82x30 mm (L x W x D)

Unit Weight

300g (with batteries)

Power Supply

1 x PP3 9V battery

Battery Life

10 hours continuous use

Sensor Type

Standard Sensor: 14mm Magnetically Mounted

Extension Rod With Sensor: 12mm Sensor, 0.9m Extension Rod

Sensor Connectivity

Standard Sensor: 1 m BNC coaxial cable.

Extension Rod With Sensor: 2.5m BNC coaxial cable

Sensor Frequency

1 MHz

Operating Temperatures

-10 °C to +65 °C (14 °F to 149 °F)

IP Rating

IP65 Enclosure


55 x 28 mm backlit LCD


± 1.5 mm (±1/16 inch)

Classifications & Approvals

RINA Classification Society Approval, FESC Approved


CE, UKAS, Coltraco is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered

  • Main unit – 3 Year Warranty
  • Sensor –  1 Year Warranty
  • Technical Support – Lifetime of the unit

See the Portalevel® MAX NIPPON in action.

Frequently asked questions

The Portalevel® MAX NIPPON can measure the level of a wide variety of liquids. The primary application is for checking the liquid level in fire suppression cylinders. These agents commonly include: CO2, FM200™, NOVEC™ 1230, Halon agents, FE-13™, FE-25™, NAF S III™ and, all core Clean Agent systems. However, the Portalevel® MAX NIPPON has been shown to work on other liquids such as water, fuel, LPG and even mayonnaise in the processed food industry.
The Portalevel® MAX NIPPON can identify the liquid level to ±1.5 mm of the actual liquid level. When using the Portasteele® CALCULATOR to convert the liquid level to agent weight, the results are accurate to within 1%.
With the Portalevel® MAX NIPPON, you also get an extension rod that allows you to measure the liquid level in banked cylinders up to four deep.
Apart from the thicker Japanese market specific cylinder, the Portalevel® MAX NIPPON is based on the 8th generation technology which is one of the most powerful we have developed and works on a large range of cylinder sizes. We have an extensive range of products that can measure anything from 10 cm to over 15 m diameter, so get in touch to find out which unit is suitable for your application.
No, you can use any ultrasonic gel, available in most pharmacies, as well as petroleum jelly. Water will also work, but in hot environment needs very regular application.
No, unfortunately above this temperature CO2 converts into a supercritical fluid state and your cylinder will no longer have a liquid level to measure. We recommend testing CO2 in lower temperatures. Please, get in touch if you need recommendations for hot climate CO2 monitoring.
Yes, however, these agents are far more stable at higher temperatures that CO2, and although the liquid level will naturally rise with increased temperature it is far less than with CO2 and, therefore, can still be tested.
Yes, this unit is specifically designed to work despite the presence of a siphon tube.

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The Portasteele® CALCULATOR is the perfect partner to any of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ liquid level detectors. It allows you to convert your measured liquid level to an agent weight, precisely and accurately. These readings can then be saved and exported for future reference and traceability. 

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Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS is a highly capable, handheld liquid level indicator with ABS Type Approval for marine applications in level monitoring. Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS is fast, accurate, and reliable; with a survivable construction and cutting-edge ultrasonic capabilities, it allows an operator to non-invasively monitor the liquid level of almost any CO2, Halon, or Clean Agent fire suppression system at sea.

P/N: 2290334-COMXPSM
NSN: 6680-99-192-2735
IMPA MSG P/N: 652776