Coltraco’s Exclusive Distributor FFAST Shines at the 4th Annual STOT Conference and Exhibition 2023

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Coltraco Ultrasonics is thrilled to share an insightful recap of Fajer Fire and Safety Technologies’ (FFAST) participation at the recently concluded 4th Annual Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages Technical (STOT) Conference and Exhibition 2023. This prestigious event, held from 16th to 18th May at the renowned Grand Hyatt in Al Khobar, provided a platform for professionals and enthusiasts in the oil and gas industry to explore the latest advancements and innovations.

FFAST, as the exclusive distributor of Coltraco Ultrasonics, took the opportunity to showcase cutting-edge technology at the exhibition. The booth proudly presented Coltraco’s latest developments and breakthroughs, including the PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT, Portalevel® MAX PLUS, Portascanner® AIRTIGHT, Portasonic® 2.FL0, Permaflow®, and Portasonic® CALCULATOR. These innovative solutions have revolutionized the field of ultrasonic instrumentation and cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

FFAST’s participation garnered significant attention, with esteemed clients such as Tasnee, SASREF, and Yamama’s subsidiary for EPC projects, Seyana, and Sendan visiting their booth. Customers appreciated the opportunity to witness groundbreaking technologies firsthand and engage with FFAST’s knowledgeable team members, who provided valuable insights and guidance. FFAST plans to incorporate more interactive experiences to increase visitor engagement and create memorable interactions.

FFAST’s participation at the 4th Annual Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages Technical Conference and Exhibition 2023 showcased their commitment to excellence as the exclusive distributor of Coltraco Ultrasonics. The event provided an ideal platform to present Coltraco’s cutting-edge ultrasonic instrumentation solutions to industry professionals.

With a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, FFAST remains dedicated to growing alongside Coltraco and providing industry-leading ultrasonic instrumentation solutions.

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