Our innovative product range addresses two main causes of vessel loss: fire and sinking. The award-winning FLEETSAFE™ package includes 5 regulation-compliant products to improve safety, whilst saving time & labour.

Our products are accurate, reliable and intuitive. Integrity is the central value for our relationships. We promise to never be beaten on price.

Supporting customers in 109 countries, including:
– 17% of the world’s ships,
– Top 15 navies,
– 50% of oil & gas operators – 1 Top wind turbine O&M.

CHOOSE THE FLEETSAFE™ PACKAGE: 5 products in 1 toolkit.

Stop weighing CO2. Inspect fire suppression systems contents with ultrasound.

Weigh with Technology. Convert level height to weight & download results.

Stop hose/chalk testing. Choose ultrasonics for pinpoint precision.

Bearing wear & tear. Choose instant, reliable condition monitoring

  • Portamonitor®. Monitors bearing condition in rotating machinery for damage or lack of lubricant.

Metal corrosion & thickness. Choose cost effective or metal-only advanced results

  • Portagauge® 4. Inspects metalwork & pipework for rust, corrosion and thickness available in two models.

Coltraco Ultrasonics are world-leading British designers & manufacturers of ultrasonic technology. Delivering the Safeship®: protecting life, assets & infrastructure at sea.
Using sound which others cannot hear, in liquids, air and solids.

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