Improving safety for people, cargo and vessels at sea: Coltraco Ultrasonic’s mission

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Coltraco Ultrasonics are a British Ultrasonic Technology Manufacturer with 30 years of experience in shipping.

Sinking is the number one cause of loss of ships at sea and fire is the number two. Combatting these areas through inspecting watertight integrity of the holds, doors and MCTs and inspecting the ships’ fixed fire suppression system, Coltraco Ultrasonics can help you to deliver the Safeship®.

Coltraco designed the FLEETSAFE ® a package of innovative safety tools to combat the above and comply with regulations

  1. Contents verification of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems (CO2, NOVEC™ 1230 and FM-200™, etc) via Portalevel® MAX Marine
  2. Convert liquid level to weight or mass of suppressant agent via Portasteele® CALCULATOR
  3. Test watertight integrity of watertight doors, hatch covers and MCT’s via Portascanner® WATERTIGHT
  4. Inspect metal thickness and corrosion  of cylinders + pipework via Portagauge® 3 and Portagauge® 4
  5. Check for bearing wear and tear in rotating machinery via Portamonitor®

Email [email protected] or call +442076298475 for pricing or further information about any of the products.

Saving shipping companies time, risk and money: an accurate, reliable and easy to use package, from Coltraco Ultrasonics, for any crew members to use.

With this package the hatch-covers, doors, MCTs, compartments, pipework, hulls, bulkheads, rotating machinery, pumps, sprinkler systems and gaseous extinguishing installations are protected. The package is based on integrity, from design, through to life-time support, and is accurate, reliable and easy to use for any crew members.

Our mission is to improve safety for your people, cargo and vessels at sea. We support you locally through our Strategic Partner and a network of distributors worldwide. We aim to support you with better, faster and cheaper solutions for watertight integrity and fire safety compared to traditional methods, whilst allowing you to comply with regulations.

The top 17% of the world’s fleet use our technology – we welcome you to also. We are proud to have the most prestigious award in the UK: “the Queen’s Award for International Trade” amongst awards for Safety at Sea and Innovation.

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