Do you test fire suppression systems? Use ultrasound and try cylinder level testing.

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Q. Why choose “cylinder level testing”?
A. Compared to the traditional method of manually weighing fire suppression cylinders, testing cylinder level contents saves you time, labour and minimises risk.

Q. What is the method?
A. Use handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator to find the cylinder contents. Designed by Coltraco®  30 years ago – it is now in the 8th generation with Portalevel® MAX.

Q. How does it work?
A. Portalevel® MAX enables you to find the liquid level in 30 seconds – simply by placing the sensor on the side of the cylinder and moving it down until the readings show where the liquid level is.

Q. What agents does it work on?
A. CO2, FM-200™, Novec™ 1230, FE-13™, FE-25™, FE-36™,  Halons and a range of other extinguishing agents and other liquids.

Q. Why is it better?
A. It is safer, faster and cheaper. Plus, it is accepted by regulations as an alternative method to weighing.

Q. Why is it safer?
A. No need to turn off the fire system during inspection. No need to remove the cylinders from the manifold. Portalevel® MAX enables you to test in-situ. Plus, no risk to personnel who may suffer back injuries by lifting heavy cylinders.

Q. How is it faster?
A. Traditional weighing takes 2 people 15 minutes per cylinder. Portalevel® MAX takes 1 person 30 seconds per cylinder.

Q. How is it cheaper?
A. Saving you time so you can carry out more inspections. Saving you labour costs and removing the risk of injuries. Plus, Coltraco Ultrasonics have a “Price Promise” for the most competitive pricing available.

Q. What if I still want to know the agent fill weight?
A. Choose the Portalevel®‘s perfect partner:  Portasteele® CALCULATOR which is a 7″ tablet to convert readings, save and download the results to go above and beyond regular testing!

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