We are grateful to Wesco for performing a brilliant demonstration of our ultrasonic liquid level indicator, Portalevel® MAX, and Portasteele® CALCULATOR. See an extract and some images below of Joe Correia using our technology:

Wesco is a leading provider of recycled and virgin fire suppression gases (clean agents) serving the commercial fire suppression, aviation, defense, petrochemical, and marine industries.  A name synonymous with responsible halon management, Wesco has met the continuing fire suppression needs of more companies in more industries than anyone else in the business.

‘Beginning this year, we teamed up with Coltraco Ultrasonics, whom we knew to be a manufacturing company based in the UK who had an extensive legacy of excellence and innovation.  It was our honour to become Coltraco’s Exclusive Distributor in the United States.  With our clientele already in these industries, we look forward to working together with Coltraco’s brilliant team towards a successful and promising future.’