Portascanner® AIRTIGHT- How do you test for airtightness?

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How do you test for airtightness?

Airtightness testing can be cumbersome and time-consuming using traditional methods. 

With Portascanner® AIRTIGHT, test simply and quickly, without disruption and without pressurising the room / compartment.

  • Detect / quantify leaks as small as 0.06mm.
  • Check walls, windows, doors, compartments both pre and post construction. 
  • Photograph / record your AIRTIGHTNESS TESTING in a flash with Portascanner® AIRTIGHT.
  • Buildings can now be tested whilst occupied.

Built Environment

Airtightness is vital for effective and efficient ventilation, filtration, and heating/cooling of the building. Deliver an effective ventilation strategy for buildings contributing towards Net Zero Strategy.

Hospital and Healthcare

Airtightness ensures that negative and positive pressure ventilation techniques work effectively in controlling internal air flow within hospitals, preventing the spread of airborne infections such as seasonal ‘flu and COVID-19.

Fire Sector: Compartmentation and Room Integrity

Room or compartment airtightness is important to ensure that the extinguishing agent is contained for a sufficient length of time to extinguish any fire.

The Portascanner® AIRTIGHT is a world-first instrument that can:

  • Identify leak sites with a microscopic level of accuracy.
  • Measure and quantify them using sophisticated algorithms.
  • Generate a value for the air flow rate through each leak.
  • Calculate the building or room’s overall air permeability.
  • Store photographic and quantitative data to generate traceable, exportable reports.

We have cost effective options for you including our tried and test Portascanner® – Ultrasonic Leak Detector for Room Integrity Testing.

Portascanner® is an ultrasonic room integrity testing tool, allowing you to locate even minor leak sites quickly, easily, and non-destructively. 

The perfect tool for ensuring and maintaining airtight integrity.

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