Portascanner® Watertight PRO assessing watertightness, locating and quantifying water leaks, and predicting water flow rates.

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Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portascanner® Watertight PRO is at forefront of watertight integrity in terms of scientific capability.

No longer just finding leaks (qualitative), but quantifying their size – as unique and necessary. Only device capable of A. leak-site quantification, B. water flow rate calculation, C. recording of data and D. export of data functionality, so as to enhance and advance Damage Control and Safety & Survivability in warships, commercial vessels and offshore marine structures.

The key advantages of the Portascanner® Watertight PRO are:

  1. Identification and location of the leak-site, accurate quantification of its size, the extent of each leak in terms of leak surface area, as well as the predicted water ingress and flow rate through the leak-site
  2. A built-in 8-megapixel camera to photograph structures and record the location of each leak for future reference
  3. The ability to automatically generate reports, filtered to your choice of date, site, room, and structure
  4. A variable output power of generator and improved stability of the generated signal, to allow detection and quantification of leaks no matter the size of the structure or compartment
  5. The receiving unit is contained within an ergonomic, tablet-based format

It is designed to be used to identify, measure, and remedy potential leak-sites in and around the personnel-carrying vehicle compartment, crew compartments, and the engine compartment.

  1. We are the world leading manufacturer in using ultrasonic technology to identify water leaks in a wide variety of structures. 
  2. We have been working with the Royal Navy for over 20 years with our ultrasonic leak detection technology, known as the Portascanner® range.
  3. This platform can actually measure the leak area during inspection and calculate the total flow rates of water which would ingress under different water pressures and sea states. This allows a unique ability to quantify the risk to specific areas in a structure.

We recently won the Queens Award for Enterprise for the second time. We wish to thank Royal Naval Engineers for their extraordinary and gentle encouragement to us over many years to develop Portascanner® Watertight PRO. This hand-held ultrasonic instrument enables Marine Engineers to locate and quantify leak-sites in watertight compartment multiple cable transit areas at sea, and from this to calculate the water flow rate through them in the event of compartment flooding. 

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