Why Choose the Portamarine®?

CHEAPER: save 50% on each inspection. “For 220 cylinders of a cape size vessel, Weighing by scale would be USD800 or so more than using LLI in China marine market” – Marine Surveyor, China.

QUICKER: test each cylinder in just 60 seconds without needing to weigh cylinders. Hang around neck for working in the cramped conditions and easily inspect 2, 3 or 4 rows of multi-banked cylinders with an extension rod.

COMPLIANCE: implement the IMO regulations FSS Code Chapter 5 “the vessel must have the means for the crew to conduct test of the ships fire system onboard.” Remove the risk of dangerous manual weighing which can result in damage to the system.

ACCEPTED: Classification Society RINA Accepted Method. Easy to buy with NSN: 6680-99-192-2735 and IMPA MSG P/N: 652777 codes.

3 Portamarine testing ship CO2 systems
Portamarine testing ship CO2 systems
2 Portamarine testing ship CO2 systems

Case Study: Tanker Fleet in Monaco Protect Vessels Against Fire Risk

WHO: A Leading Tanker Fleet based out of Monaco

PROBLEM: Potential of CO2 cylinders leaking cylinders when at sea, increasing risk of uncontrollable fire

SOLUTION: Acquisition of the Portamarine® ultrasonic liquid level indicators for the whole fleet, saving them time, cost and risk.

BENEFITS: The Portamarine® is the world leading Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator, capable of identifying the liquid content of fire extinguishing cylinders and providing Ship Operators an ideal method of monitoring their Fire Suppression Systems.

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